COVID-19 further information

COVID-19 - changes to procedures for your pet's hydrotherapy session

Updated following Welsh Government review on restrictions from 6th July 2020

The Welsh Government have now relaxed the "stay local" rule, so you are allowed to travel outside of your local area. However, I still have social distancing measures in place, both to protect the health of clients and myself. Therefore I am continuing with the COVID-19 procedures for the time being and clients are asked to remain outside the church during their dog's hydrotherapy session. This includes not coming into the building to use the toilet facilities.

Current procedures are as follows:

At the moment I am limiting hydrotherapy sessions to dogs who have experienced a decline in comfort and health due to not swimming. If your dog is coping well, please keep them at home with you. If you see a change in your dog's health or comfort, and feel swimming would benefit them, do get in touch and we can arrange a session.

I am taking on new patients, but only where the dog's vet feels they require hydrotherapy without delay. A vet referral form can be downloaded from this website.

I am not currently seeing dogs for fun and fitness swims or swimming lessons. If your dog is happy and healthy, please keep them at home for the time being.

If anyone in your household has symptoms of COVID-19, please do not bring your pet for hydrotherapy until all symptoms have passed, and you have been given the all clear to come out of self isolation.

For up to date COVID-19 advice visit the official government website.

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